Value Yourself To Be Found

Value Yourself To Be Found

  • How often do you keep drifting away from your own people because there’s this one person who rules your entire system.
  • How often do you get walked on by people who don’t really matter? How often their opinions start to collect and play on you.
  • How often do you start to lose friends when they say that ‘you are not same anymore or how many times do you want us to call you or be after you to be a part of something.’

So, you might as well just accept that you are the cause, you are the pain and you are the suffering for others’ discomfort.

But, the reality is very different from what you assume & follow. The reality is just what it reflects in the image above. You really want people to find the lost soul in you, you want that care to be able to overcome that, that holds you back. Your behaviour speaks differently and that is the evidence, the cue that you give to yourself consciously and to others subconsciously. So, the external support that you want starts to dim away in time. The only helping hand that remains then is your internal system. Yes, If you do not segregate your internal dialogue with the healing capacity your internal system holds, then you are in a soup.

Life certainly cannot be only roses and blooms, it’s a blend of bitter sweet moments. How you let any experience impact you determines its depth. Similarly, you would have some events that could keep you away from mingling, trusting, holding, losing anything and everything that either you desire or want to shun away. But the question is ‘Can you really trust the outside world to be there for you in any given time, when needed. What do you think the answer is? No… Well its Yes as well as No. Instant gratification for anything isn’t guaranteed and even if you experience it and feel satisfied, it isn’t guaranteed for it to be a part for a lifetime.

The gloomy feeling we all go through in times of despair, mistrust, misunderstanding, loss and suffering is evident and sometimes our closest people might not recognize the pain (due to their own occupied lives) but that doesn’t mean that you hold yourself back from expressing, just in an assumption that they don’t care or are not interested. People do need you just like you need them. Only because, in anticipation you keep away at times, you might just start believing that they also want to keep away from you. This is the main cause for diminished relationships these days.

If you really want to be found in life, in your relationships; you need to value your inner being – that, my dear is the key to be found, even in places full of voices. Everything you say and do will carry an underlying meaning. When you start losing yourself is when you lose those around you. Nourishing your inner being gives you the power to recognize that underlying concept of your actions. That is when you start to hear your own voice. That is what I call victory. Recall any incidence in life where you made a choice, committed an action, spoke out your heart and realized how it energized you. That is what it means to value your inner being.

Losing your happy soul in order to make other people happy, thus questioning yourself day in and day out about why you did what you did is only emptying you from within. If helping is a part of your nature, then it shouldn’t give you a feeling of being disappeared and if that is the feeling you get, then you need to figure out if what you are doing for others is helping or something else.

To be found by others in time of need is great, but to be found by oneself always is a strength. Find yourself, value your inner being, replace that inner dialogue of self-sabotage and blame to your inner healing power. Once you figure out the power of it, nothing can shake your self-esteem and self-worth in your own eyes & that is what matters at the end of the day.

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    Very informative !!

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