LUCID MIND is a premium provider of Employee Well-being Programs with engaging learning & development dynamics, helping the corporate sector through its specialized consulting services. We provide emotional assistance and community services to aid the growing challenges, the society is faced with. Our team facilitates people by providing professional counseling services and aims at the betterment of society as a whole. We work on the principle of ‘Your Happiness is you’. Our aim is to provide psychological relief to people facing maladjustments in life, covering the mental health arena for the otherwise mentally & emotionally distressed clients. We offer strategic approach through ‘talking cure’, coaching programmes & psychological assessments and testing, additionally, implanting the core therapeutic applications to the clients’ rescue.


We act as a safe space to all daily problems drawing upon the goal setting technique viz a viz facilitation and empowerment process. We believe that humanistic and existential approach is the basis to setting up light in someone’s life; therefore, we do not compromise on providing a genuine and empathetic relationship to our clients. We help in guiding the clients’ see their potential and freedom of will towards making choices in their lives.


With our dedicated counselling services and trainings across the country, we also facilitate employee well-being factors in order to help corporate retain, maintain and sustain the creative genius of their employees. The core of our services is to facilitate and equip individuals emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually and physically.  Our programs are aimed at bridging the gap between the aspirations of individuals and their organization seeking maximized productivity. Organizational support and guidance remains our focus, where in we provide specialized support through our counseling and training team towards a path chosen for excellence.

Lucid Mind Specializes In Learning & Development Sector and One To One Psychological Counselling; Facilitating The Right Process And Provide an empathetic environment of safety and trust.


Duration Lap: 3 Months

Base: Learning Model


Duration Lap: 6 Months

Base: Drive Gain Model


Duration Lap: 12 Months

Base: Mission Equip Model


Duration Lap: 12 Months

Base: Challenge Model

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