Lucid Mind, a service brand that offers a platform of soul searching and self-development in an empathetically valued zone, is a premium, provider of Psychological Counselling, Employee Well-Being programmes with engaging Learning & Development dynamics as well as Transformational Coaching packages. Through our specialised & experiential services, we provide emotional assistance and community services to aid the growing challenges, the society is faced with. We work on the principle of ‘your happiness is you’.

The core of our services is to facilitate and equip individuals emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Our organisation is aimed at bridging the gap between: The external work and inner wiring of the individuals & The aspirations of individuals seeking maximised productivity at personal as well as professional level. Our eclecticism is dynamically solution focused, keeping the humanistic base stronger and analytical base sharper. Our services help people regain their healthy coping mechanisms in dealing with the challenges of everyday life.

Founder-Director: Sargun Bedi Jain

With a wide experience from mental health to corporate sector, Mrs. Sargun Bedi has her specialisation in the field of Counselling, Training & Coaching. With her expertise in advanced counselling skills and therapeutic interventions, she aims to help people reach their balancing mechanisms and unravel their potential that is hidden behind the window of pain, confusion & regret. Her forte lies in the minute observations and scientific methodology to understand humans in various settings, carving out ways in bringing the needed paradigm shift in the society at large.

With her educational qualifications of high repute & different professional certifications, she has worked with various service brands and has built up on her counselling skills as a core to her delivery. As an author, counselling psychologist, transformational coach, versatile behavioural trainer, facilitative speaker & a creative writer, she has come a long way whilst gaining international existence towards her content. Her eclectic approach with deep human compassion makes her stand out in her field. Her formula towards happiness is to treat ‘actions’ as habits.