7 Ways To Un-Hack Your Life

7 Ways To Un-Hack Your Life

Google! Sounds synonymous to life these days… Isn’t it?

Well, life has become mechanical. People are getting busier each day amidst this rat race of earning money, finding comfort and luxuries. The purpose of life seems so deflated than what life should really be. If you agree with me, then you know what will I be talking about. The idea is to grasp the pace, this quick pace; the 24*7 cycle is running. With trending social media, gadgets, entertainment, and even edutainment, everything has turned its way to mechanics and technicalities. How about emotions, feelings and thoughts? People prefer taking down quotes online, finding validations towards their feelings, and emoting that through media again. How much are we willing to take time and sit with our close ones to discuss the variety of ‘affective’ states we humans encounter each second, subliminally accepted?

Not that Google is the culprit, not that the usefulness of handy internet services can be ignored. Does that mean surrendering ourselves to these operating systems will fetch us happiness? Shall we not recollect that the purpose of handling the technology is through humans, for humans, rather than technology handling us through its savvy ways?

This is the hard truth we need to face.

With the increasing pressures at work, complex relationship patterns, multicultural exchanges, and aggressive human competition, not just with oneself, but the society, is making us go back to the slave tradition. However, this time human isn’t slave to human but to a man-made tech-compost (I’d call it).

The upside stories of ‘goo-gling’ the world is famous. Knowingly, we tend to ignore the downside. Physical ailments to mental breakdowns- how much can technical loops damage We usually get alarmed to stories of people committing suicide due to games played on various applications, increasing rage and early sexual involvement in adolescents due to social media etc.

These are big concerns, ignored yet faced, believed yet ignored. Legal rules and regulations, polity involvement and global steps are taken to help and save us from these high impact stressors. What we generally do not notice is the gradual effect of time-consuming behaviors we reflect by giving into our belief that knowledge is Google and vice versa.

Yes, the internet seems Godly in searching out and meeting our immediate  needs (from ordering food to looking for general to specific things to ratifying ourselves in finding answers to our life questions at 3am anywhere in the world). We must feel grateful for this marvelous connect offered to us by engineers of this universe.

The intriguing factor is the discipline that we are destroying by becoming so mechanical day  by day in our lives. Engineers are not to be blamed for that. Is our workload too less?

Has life been extremely peaceful to you? Can we say that life is completely stress-free?

Not really!

Then why are we adding onto the pressures of life by restricting ourselves through electronic communication? What you feel can only be empathetically understood in deeper terms when the communication is for real. Remember those days, when we were young and to find answers to our life puzzles, we used to look outside this lap-box? It seemed more like an exploration we still remember; most of it.

Reducing the tech intake can serve a bigger purpose. Fatigue, weight gain, diabetes, wrong postures and muscle pains, headaches, frozen shoulders, mood swings, eye concerns, low self-esteem to name a few. How much can we take care of all this if we limit our tech-behavior to an outgoing fresh air seeker attitude? To generate and charge the self, we can un-follow certain practices and grow better habits to making life – purposeful, meaningful and happy.

1- Notice your time for each activity:

One has to keep a track of investing the right amount of time in the right kind of activity. Sometimes, browsing the internet takes away all the time, not helping us realize even the purpose for which we started browsing it. Therefore, tracking your time will help you limit your sedentary style over the laptop and will fetch you time for other important tasks.

2- Un-addict ourselves:

This one comes easily if we are able to notice our time and track it whilst following our routines. Once we engage ourselves in tasks measurably, we would gradually get over the urge to spend those ’extra minutes’ on our computers. We would know where to put a stop and feel responsible towards life in general.

3- Affirmations:

This is an effective tool anyway. The psychological impact of affirmations is spoken about  everywhere. Once we start affirming to positive statements as a daily practice, it unconsciously takes an energetic role in helping us believe in our capabilities. For example, affirming ‘I will make my day productive’. This statement practiced overtime will train your thoughts to actually be productive throughout the day, which eventually will involve more result oriented tasks than just being screen stuck.

4- Lifestyle changes:

This title speaks for itself. Making deliberate changes to our lifestyle such as having a proper  sleeping schedule, including daily exercise, drinking enough water, maintaining a healthy diet pattern, reducing over thinking and increasing positive thinking, practicing gratitude, managing time and balancing relationships. These modifications will bring life in a sync.

5- Buzz a ME time:

Buzz Buzz. A ‘ME’ time means giving oneself time off, from every nook and corner- from work, from rituals, from routine tasks. This ‘ME’ time suggests being with oneself just the way you like. Doing nothing, releasing stress or doing something you enjoy for your own leisure and then releasing stress; whichever way you like. Because ‘ME’ time is all about you with yourself and your cuppa maybe 5 minutes to 20 minutes, whatever you like every day.

6- Make time for Quality:

Why a different header when the above 5 hacks will work as quality indicators. Yes, they  definitely will. But when we speak of quality as a separate hack, what we mean is the effort  to bring quality in life. This effort isn’t about simply becoming a robotic character to the  previous points mentioned above. This is about inserting a quality check and rejoicing them  as a part of your journey such as spending quality family time, travelling occasionally to shun away the monotonous pattern, treating yourself with a quality meal, a massage and also bringing quality in one’s thoughts and emotions.

7- Believe in yourself and stick to the plan:

The final idea is to regain the confidence, increase our self-esteem by involving in tasks we  are good at, not underestimating our abilities and keep loving even when the days get hard or we fall due to obstacles and barriers while trying to focus on our goals.

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